Feedback received

We pride ourselves on the ethos and inclusivity we have created at Banister. We wanted to share with you what our children (past and present) and visitors have said to us.

“Great thank you for all you are doing to make this school such a fun and happy place to be. Sasha loves every day, every year and will cherish her memories about her Banister school years”

Erdelyi family (parents)

“Big thanks for all your support for Lily, both for the past 4 years and going forward with the next phase of her journey!

Sarah and Steve (parents)

“Banister School brought their reception year for the first out-of-school outing just a few weeks into their first week at school; it seemed that these tiny tots had just got out of their push chairs. All the children had a wonderful time and one little boy said to me: “This is like a birthday party, I love going to school”.  

Longdown Activity Farm

“We appreciate you all. Thank you for the brilliant job you do.”

Mrs Fox (parent)

“You are the best of the best at Banister!”

Dr Clarke (parent)

“Thanks for all you do!”

Ms Depraetere Turpin (parent)

“That they were willing to use their own resources to give all the children a happy (and fair) time was so sweet, I thought. I’m quite sure you already know very well how lovely your teachers are bit I thought I’d let you know of this gesture anyway.”

Mrs Tomlinson (parent)

“I have been member of the Banister family since Sarah started school in here in Year 1 until she graduated this year. The school has not only provided Sarah with an excellent education, but has helped her grow into a mature and confident young lady.”

Mrs Khan (parent)

“Thank you so much for everything you have done to help us throughout our days at Banister. You helped us with our problems and managed to arrange fun days in the school. We will miss you.”

Sarah (a year 6 Banister graduate)

“We are delighted with Leo’s care and treatment at Banister. We love the inclusive and multi-cultural environment and the wonder teachers!”

Ms Yeganegy (parent)

“Thank you for being the best Headteacher ever. You have helped us in our journey at Banister and have influenced is in many different ways. You are truly amazing.”

Jannant and Aamnah (year 6 Banister graduates)

“I like to say a BIG thank you to the teachers for taking my little man away from me for the first time. I can see he had fun.”

Miss O’Dell (parent)

“Just to say you have done absolute wonders for the school and I’m sure you will continue to do so. You will be a hard Headteacher to forget. Thank you for everything you have done for both Ruby and Jacob.”

Miss Dunn (parent)

“This card can in no way go far enough to say how grateful we are to you for looking out for Rose and ensuring her outstanding education in Years R, 1, 2 and 3. She has loved every minute of it.”

Mr and Mrs Mitchell (parents)

“I am very proud of Banister school. The children are very lucky to have such amazing staff.”

Mrs Hussain (parent)

“Thank you for these two fantastic years at Banister. Meeting great people, taking part in fabulous events and doing amazing things for and with the school have made wonderful memories of those precious moments that we all dearly treasure. Many thanks to all.”

Mrs Courtier (parent)

“Enjoy your last morning Year 5s. Thank you staff for giving the children such an amazing experience. I can’t wait to hear all about it.”

Mrs Barlow (parent)

“I want to thank you very much for being there for me. In addition thank you for putting a smile on my face. Without you I wouldn’t be who I am now.”

Nikola (pupil)

“I just wanted to thank everyone at Banister for supporting me today during my visit.  I felt very welcome and very well looked after right from arriving and signing in.”

Educational Psychologist (Southampton City Council)

“Celebrating the end of SATs in Layan’s way, you deserve it guys. Enjoy!”

Mrs Kattan (parent) who delivered doughnuts for the children and staff at the end of KS2 SATs

“Many thanks for our precious teachers, Miss Vincent and the governors.”

Mrs Kattan (parent)

“Thank you to the amazing teachers for giving a great time to our little monkeys.”

Mrs Khan (parent)