We are expecting Ofsted this year. We are now a full-grown primary, and our first Year 6s left us this summer, so the inspectors should be coming to see how we are doing. We think we are doing OK, and so do you, but we have to make sure that we can prove it. It’s going to be doubly challenging for the board because nearly half of us are new to the role. We’ve had two new staff members, and two volunteers from the community, and there will be three new parent governors in two weeks. We need to get them up to speed and down to work as quickly as possible.

At our next meeting we will be reviewing last year, and deciding our priorities for this year. What do you think the school could do better? What new things would you like to see? There’s a suggestion box in Reception, we will be running coffee mornings for parents to talk with governors, and we can all be contacted through the school.

You can find out more about the governors here: http://banisterschool.co.uk/about-us/governors/

P K McBride, Chair