Parent Governor Elections 2017

We have three vacancies and four candidates.

Ballot papers will be sent home in the bags on Monday 25th September.

Please return them to the box in Reception before 3.15, Friday 29th September.

Counting in the outdoor classroom at 3.30.


The candidates

Peter Davison

Why I am standing

As a parent of two attending Banister I understand the desire of all parents to ensure the school continues to deliver the highest standards of teaching within a safe, inclusive and encouraging environment.  I believe that all children should receive the learning opportunities and time and they need to develop and am passionate about ensuring there are resources available to support this.  Building good relationships between the teachers, governors, parents, pupils and external partners is key to ensuring the schools success.  I would like to join the team at Banister and commit my time to support the School in pursuit of its goals.

What I have to offer

I have spent my working career finding ways to solve complex issues in challenging environments with limited resources and am not afraid to challenge decisions where necessary in support of finding the best solution.  I am reliable, determined, well organised and work well in a team or individually.  I currently work locally within the headquarters of a DIY retailer and have a variety of professional skills I can bring to support the team in Banister. 

Vivek Kohli

Why I am standing

I am a strong believer in every child having the opportunity to access good quality and balanced education.  I have lived within Southampton my entire life and care passionately about the future of this city and its school children. I have 2 children, one who has just joined year R and a 2 year old that I expect will join Banister in the coming years. I am therefore committed to the long term development of the school and want all parents and children to benefit from what I can offer.

 In the short time that I have been involved in the school, I can see that we have some great teachers caring deeply about the school. I have extensive experience in Finance and in managing people which I believe will be of great value to the school in order to make sure that we can get the best out of the limited financial resources we have and also help develop people reach their full potential.

What I have to offer

I am a chartered accountant and auditor at a large accountancy practice, responsible for running a department of 60 people. I have extensive experience of managing people, improving processes and getting the best out of a group of fantastic finance professionals.

As a school governor I am confident that I can use the skills I’ve developed to be able encourage and inspire high performance within the school as well as using my experience as an auditor to positively challenge the outcomes at the school. In particular, given the tightening budgets that schools need to operate, I feel that as a chartered accountant I will have the appropriate expertise to provide support with financial matters, budgets and analysing financial performance of the school.

In recent years I have volunteered at the Oasis Academy Lords Hill working with young people to give them practical experience of working within finance and business. In addition I have run a number of work experience schemes for young people to help inspire their future careers.

Rowan Leonard

Why I am standing

I would like to take the opportunity of volunteering my time to contribute to the welfare and betterment of Banister Park School. Play an active role in not just my own child but all the children in at this establishment. To continue to build on the great work that school does in making it open and accessible to children and provide them and their parents the representation required to enjoy a functional education system. Encourage the continuing work to remove gender bias in education and allow children to feel they can choose to do and learn anything. Helping the school maintain its strategic and financial vision in the long term while maintaining a buffer between the school and agendas of local, national government. To help Banister Park do what they do best making eduction fun, interesting, inspiring, for every child, for life!

What I have to offer

Working as site/ projects construction manager over the years has provided me with a practical experience in running a team and working within a team. Understanding the importance of continuity of staff while maintaining the overall budget and qualifying and reacting to any drift. My role requires strict adherence to data protection, anti bribery, corruption, discrimination and equal opportunities law. I also deal with aspects of health and safety, risk assessment and method on a daily basis. I deal regularly with tendering and sub-contractors understanding the legal and business frame work that is required by regulations.

In my spare time I volunteer with Kenshinkai Yoshinkan Aikido as an assistant instructor for junior sessions in Portsmouth on monthly basis. I also help several times a year with a audio/ visual charity production team, who record events for guest speakers.

Zoe McGhee

Why I am standing

I genuinely believe that Banister is a great school, but like any school there needs to be effective monitoring and continued improvement. I am committed to using my experience and skills to ensure that there is positive accountability at all levels. I am a good listener and believe that I am approachable and would be available to hear any ideas and issues that anyone has.

What I have to offer

I am a practicing barrister and believe that the skills that I have acquired through my profession will be beneficial to the role of a governor. As a barrister it is my job to analyse large amounts of information and represent the views of others to ensure that we build on strengths and make improvements where necessary. I am experienced at then following up any problems identified with fearlessly challenging those responsible to ensure a swift resolution. I provide challenging advice to my clients on a daily basis, whilst continuing to ensure that good working relationships are maintained. I look for solutions to practical problems to ensure that there is improvement achieved and support made available to those that need it. I truly believe that Banister Primary is a school with a great future and wish to ensure that the school is managed positively to ensure that every pupil has the ability to excel.