Banister’s Parents and Friends Association plays a vital role in the life of Banister school, and enables parents and teachers to come together to provide activities and events that aim to enhance our children’s schooling.

It’s about fun, inclusion and community – whilst at the same time raising valuable funds for resources and activities for our children to benefit from.

We run lots of activities across the school throughout the year:

  • Community Day – a free event run and hosted by the PFA where we celebrate our school’s diverse mix of cultures
  • The ‘Banister Book Bus’ – every Friday outside reception
  • Cake sales
  • Ice Lolly Fridays (during the summer months)
  • Christmas shopping
  • Build our Boat – fundraising campaign for our new playground

There is always something for everyone and the PFA provides a really good opportunity to get involved in school life, meet other parents and support the school.

If you would like to get involved send an email to or speak to a member of the reception team.

PFA new parents letter September 2016

There are many ways to keep up-to-date:

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